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Pros and Cons of Surveillance Hidden Cameras

It is not far when the surveillance hidden cameras will become a necessity in every sphere of life. Though the usage is varied the importance of surveillance becomes imperative when one considers personal or professional security as well as for low enforcement. They can be the ideal protection for your children, family, hone business or property. It is mandatory that you consider your utility and purpose before opting for the right choice. Since its inception the surveillance hidden cameras have definitely become more accessible now with reduction in price as well as ease of installation and improvement in quality. It is a very flexible device and   miraculous invention of science and boon in people’s life.  There are few Surveillance hidden cameras that are designed to be concealed either in your person like wrist watch, pendant or in your room like alarm clock, pen or keychain. The normal regular Surveillance hidden cameras are larger and does not need to be concealed as the purpose of it is to dissuade people from committing crime or cheating.

Different Areas where Surveillance Hidden Cameras are used


Surveillance Hidden Cameras


There are innumerable justifiable uses for hidden camera surveillance. Find below few places and scenarios where the Surveillance hidden cameras come handy.

Security of your home: Having Surveillance hidden cameras at home can really improve your composure when it comes to home security. Apart from burglars and thieves you can even monitor the Nanny or baby sitter who takes care of your kids. You can monitor the nanny or babysitter’s behavior and whether they are carrying their duties sincerely. They are very useful  in the event of a home breaking event too when you are away, it might assist in providing identification of the invaders to the cops.

Private Investigators: Private Investigators make use of surveillance hidden cameras to a large extent as unlike cops they have to investigate things secretly and these cameras are their ally.

In malls and Shopping centers – The management of these shopping centers hire Surveillance hidden cameras to check on their locations surreptitiously to ensure that the stores are clean, well organized and employees are providing good customer service. It will even help them in case of any shop breaking incidents or even any employee flicking things etc.
Traffic Signals – It is extensively used in traffic signals to keep a check on the signals as well as on the law breakers who break the signals. It is instrumental even in case of accidents and in hit and run cases where the number of the vehicles can be recorded.
In railway stations – In busy railway stations these cameras can play a major role not only in evading small thefts, pickpockets etc but also in countering terrorism as most of the time the face of terrorism cannot be caught live.

As seen above Surveillance hidden cameras have varied usage and are a boon to the society on a large sphere.

Disadvantages of Surveillance Hidden Cameras

Surveillance Hidden Cameras

Like every coin has two sides and as per the human nature people always misuse the gift of nature. Similarly Surveillance hidden cameras are also misused in many parts by many people. It is used in shopping complex changing rooms, where the videos are recorded and sold in the blue film markets. It is also argued that using hidden cameras are unethical, as it reduces the trust among people. It also happens sometimes that the caregivers come to know about the hidden cameras and leave the job. They feel it is affecting their personal space. As hidden cameras are based on wireless connection, it can be intercepted by anyone. There is no legal protection to stop this, so anyone can tape it and view one’s personal household activities too. The advancement of technology has helped criminals also in many ways. It is very easy for a hacker to hack the camera and get details of some personal property and then finally steal from the house. So it is always suggested that people should consult with professional installer before installing a camera. The installers will give the people a suggestion on places to install the camera depending on the importance of the person.

The surveillance hidden cameras can be disturbing for personal life too. It disturbs the privacy of people. It creates awkward situations for people during their intimate moments. It creates a feeling, as if their personal things are being watched by people. It creates consciousness among people while doing simple activities of home even. It creates difference within the family. If teenagers come to know that they are being observed by their parents, then they become rebellious. They think their parents don’t trust them.

Is the usage of Surveillance Hidden Cameras Legal?

Surveillance Hidden Cameras

Are you aware there are many curious people out there who would be very interested in trying out their amateur investigation with the help of this Surveillance hidden cameras and invading privacy of people? Many people perceive it as illegal but it is not so. In fact different countries and states have varied laws. In America especially majority of states do not consider it as illegal to even use in personal places.

At some places where it is considered illegal and prohibits the usage of hidden camera surveillance, it is restricted where individuals may fairly expect utter privacy such as bath rooms, locker rooms and dressing rooms. Majority of prospective clients who want to invest in the same are those who want to protect their home property office it does not pose a real problem as such. So there are no restrictions or rules as of now to buy the Surveillance hidden cameras. It would be wise of the authorities to dispel the fear in common man of doing something illegal and let shoppers know that usage of these cameras will not be breaking any laws. This indirectly will help the law makers as the responsibility of protection of home and property will be shared.

Surveillance Hidden cameras are definitely here to stay and evolving at every stage as the pros outweigh the cons and it is also helpful to keep a check on terrorism threat and can save lives of many people.



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